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What Is the Envision Fund?

The Envision Fund of Catonsville Presbyterian Church was initiated by a generous bequest from long-time member and trustee Robert Riley. By carefully investing the monies, the annual growth of the fund is available for distribution as seed money to incubate new projects or programs. The vision of the fund is to expand beyond what CPC is already doing by allowing us to creatively step out and take a chance on something new and innovative.  

What Kind of Projects Will Be Funded?

Proposals must fall under at least one of these categories:

  • Development - identify new or expand current ministry areas
  • Mission - local, national, or international
  • Peace and Justice Advocacy
  • Capital Improvements - buildings and grounds. The sponsor of such a proposal must contact the Board of Trustees and receive approval prior to submission to the Envision Fund Board.

How Will Proposals Be Evaluated??

A proposal will be considered in relation to how well it aligns with the evaluation criteria described below. A preferred proposal will meet many of these criteria. A preferred proposal will be written in a manner that clearly describes the circumstances around unmet criteria.

  • New ministry: Proposal should involve doing something new or taking an innovative or creative direction with a current initiative.
  • Self-sustaining: Proposal should demonstrate the potential for future success without any further investment from the Envision Fund. Envision funds should not be requested for the ongoing operating budget (or day-to-day expenses) of CPC or an outside organization. Examples of ways a proposal might meet this criteria include:
    • By requesting one-time expenses for resources such as equipment, training, or facilities.
    • By requesting seed money to start a program which, once established, will find other sources of regular funding.
    • By demonstrating a path to self-sustainability such as through new revenue generated.
  • Long-term solution: Proposal should work toward a hand-up rather than a hand-out.
  • Stewardship: Proposal should exemplify responsible management of funds.
  • CPC Member involvement: When appropriate, proposal should extend an opportunity for CPC members to be involved and contribute their time and talents.
  • Shared investment: Depending on the scope of the proposal, additional sources of funding are encouraged.

How Are the Funds Distributed?

Each year, funds will be available for disbursement through a proposal evaluation process up to two times a year. The opportunity to apply is open to everyone - church member, CPC committee, or CPC staff member. Other individuals or organizations may submit applications after partnering with a CPC church member, committee or staff member. A proposal request form is submitted to the Envision Fund Board for evaluation. Proposals are due March 1 and September 1 (if funds are still available for disbursement).  


For questions about the Fund and the application process please contact  


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