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Adult education

May 16: The Advent Parables. We’ll look at the challenging “Advent” Parables in Matthew 24 & 25, which contain Jesus’ teachings on the future “Coming [Advent] of the Son of Man.” These include the Parable of the Faithful or Unfaithful Slave, the Parable of the Ten Bridesmaids, the Parable of Talents, and the Parable of the Sheep and Goats. Led by Ken Kovacs

May 23 Pentecost: Come, Holy Spirit. Veni, Creator Spiritus! (Come, Creator Spirit!) is a very ancient prayer of the church, invoking the presence of the Holy Spirit – the Holy Spirit as Creator. On this Pentecost Sunday, we’ll explore the person and work of the Spirit as the source of creativity, imagination, transformation, and newness in the life of the believer and in the ministry of the church. Led by Ken Kovacs.

Previous Adult Ed. Session Resources

Intelligent Design - "Nature and Creation - Why Intelligent Design is Bad Science and Bad Theology".  Guest speaker - Rev. Dr. James Miller, Presbyterian Association on Science, Technology and the Christian Faith (PASTCF) - 2006

Care of Creation - Exploring the relationship between the created, the creation, and the creator.  Guest speakers, George Fisher from the “Care or Creation Task Group” of the Baltimore Presbytery.  Dr. Robert Murphy, George Mason University. Lisa Eney - Head of the Eco-Stewardship Task Force at Brown Memorial Park Avenue. - 2007

Endless Forms Most Beautiful. Darwin was a Godless naturalist. Or so everyone says. The publication of his book On the Origin of Species in 1859 created an instantaneous rift between science and religion. Or did it? These assumptions are at the root of one of society’s most difficult debates. Cindy Bolognese's lecture and discussion about Darwin, faith, and evolution. (in MS/PowerPoint.  Note:  Presentation is in "slide show" format, but it can be advanced or reversed if the timing is too slow or fast.  Notes can also be viewed by using the menu) - 2009


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