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We share in Christian concern in the world through the Board of Deacons, the Mission Committee, the Child Care Center, Presbyterian Women, and the Concert Series. Each provides funds, resources, and people for the specific mission areas. Our church facility is used by scouts and several other community service organizations.

The Board of Deacons organizes a Christmas party at the Eleanor D. Corner House Shelter in Arbutus, and a deacon attends the board meetings and coordinates our support of the Catonsville Emergency Assistance Network (CEAN).  The Mission Committee works with various groups such as the ones listed below.  Youth of the church participate in major mission summer projects.  As a church, we support the mission work of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), the Synod of the Mid-Atlantic, and the Presbytery of Baltimore.

Annually we hold our Mission Fair, where representatives of organizations we work with come to share information and fellowship with our members. Itís a time filled with music, good food, and in depth connection with providers of services in the area.  This year the Mission Fair is on November 9, 2008.  Hope to see you there!

Mission Links

Amazon Link: (a percentage of all purchases through this program go to Baltimore Reads)
Presbyterian Disaster Assistance
Maryland Food Bank
Chesapeake Habitat for Humanity with United Churches
Church World Service CROP Walks
Hao Kola Learning Camps
McKim Community Center in Baltimore
IMA Worldhealth in the Congo
Congregations Concerned for the Homeless in Howard County
The Lazarus Caucus in Baltimore County
Heifer International

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